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myBeazley benefits include

Instant quotes  - automatic options for different scenarios

Access to empowered underwriters – expert underwriters are on hand to help and make quick underwriting decisions

Easy risk referrals – in two clicks you can add your own documents such as proposal forms, contracts and claims records

Mid-term adjustments – real time standard adjustments with no underwriter referral required

Auto renewals1 – annual policy renewal alerts and help with statement of fact documentation

Branded documents – add your branding to documents including quotes and policy wordings

Management information – client purchasing intel available on request

1 An auto-renewal is defined as a risk that does not require amendments following the preceding coverage period and as such can be renewed without additional underwriting involvement

Winner of
the Lloyd’s
innovation award

Available separately or as a package. Other products are also available within these packages, for more information please visit the registration form.

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