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myBeazley event insurance

Available separately or as a package. Other products are also available within these packages, for more information please visit the registration form.

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Benefits include:

Quick quote indication

We understand that your clients have busy lives and a quick indication of price is beneficial to everyone, which is why the system has been designed to give an indicative quote at the earliest opportunity. We have focussed on a minimal number of questions by removing any data collection that doesn’t affect the purchasing process.

Instant quote and bind

In addition to providing your clients with on the spot quotes, binding and policy documents as standard, myBeazley also gives you the option to offer quote options for a number of different scenarios.

Access to expert underwriters

If you do need to speak to an underwriter – because you have an unusual risk, require a specific endorsement or need to make a referral – our expert team of underwriters are on hand and authorised to make quick and considered decisions.

In just two clicks...

Referring a risk? In just two clicks you can add your own documents, whether proposal forms, contracts or claims records.

Monthly payment option at no additional cost 1

Many insurance companies charge customers extra if they pay monthly but, with products purchased on myBeazley, where monthly payment is available there is no additional cost from Beazley. 1

Mid-term adjustments

myBeazley is designed to offer real time standard mid-term adjustments without the need to refer to an underwriter. Our underwriters are on hand should you require a bespoke adjustment.

Auto-renewals 2

An important part of your client relationship is ensuring that their needs are well served when a policy is due for renewal. That is why the myBeazley system will alert you of upcoming renewals on annual policies and proactively provide all you need through the process, including statement of fact documentation. 2

Branded documentation

In addition to allowing brokers to produce all policy documents for their clients at the touch of a button, myBeazley also enables you to incorporate your own branding on a range of literature such as quotes and policy wording.

Management information

myBeazley is built on a wealth of data that allows us to provide brokers with information about their clients purchasing patterns, average limits and cover segmentation on request.

1. Not available for event insurance.

2. An auto-renewal is defined as a risk that does not require amendments following the preceding coverage period and as such can be renewed without additional underwriting involvement.